We know that not everyone is called to adoption, particularly international adoption, but we do believe that everyone can do something to help the cause of the orphan. We have already been humbled and blessed by the thoughtful donations we’ve received toward our family’s journey to bring Matthew home. We are grateful to partner with our friends, family, church, and community as YOU become part of Matthew’s story and our family’s journey around the world and back. Thank you for supporting us in prayer, most importantly, and also for anything you feel led to contribute to easing the financial burden of the international adoption process. Although the financial piece of adoption is ridiculously high (whether international or domestic), I was touched when I heard an adoptive father say, “What price wouldn’t you pay for your child?” We believe that God paid the highest possible price, the life of His only Son Jesus, to adopt us into His family and we believe that if we follow Him in obedience to bring home these little ones He has called us to, then He will provide for every need. Together, we can make a difference for one precious life at a time and we thank you for partnering with us to be His hands and feet across the world.

Here are details on our current fundraisers!

Puzzle Pieces ($20 / piece)

Gobena has joined us to help us fundraise!

Online Ordering!
T-Shirts ($20 / shirt, + $5 shipping per order)
Ends July 14th!
2nd Round! Ends August 27th!


Already Completed

Adoption Benefit Yardsale

In May of 2017 we had yard sales that spanned 3 days. After accepting donations from friends, family and church members, we successfully raised over $1,000.00 This was very exciting and we considered it a huge success! This helped us cover over half of our International Home Study fee. Thank you to all who donated items, shopped the sale, and donated beyond your purchase amount.

GO Granola

In August we sold 40+ bags of GO Granola and netted $218. This was truly a blessing by one of our friends who donated the granola to us. We really apprecited it because she donated the product, packaging and even shared some strategies on how to sell it. Thank you Kristen!